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Pursue Your Happiness with Blind Ambition™: Happiness Keynote Speaker

What Makes Chad Different?

The current rate of change is ERODING people’s resilience, grit, and commitment, leading to higher levels of anxiety, burnout, and attrition. The loss of organizational talent and resilience have created chronic organizational underperformance that affects internal productivity, as well as the value organization’s are able to provide to customers. As a result, organizations are falling behind, and are blind to the massive opportunities created by disruption.

Many thought leaders on resilience and change offer platitudes that create zero sustained impact on people’s behavior. Due to Chad’s firsthand experience with personal difficulty and building enterprise value, Chad understands the anatomy of resilience at a practical level — providing tried and tested tools that empower people to emerge from setbacks stronger, sleeker, and resolute to succeed.

Connecting inspiration to implementation™, Chad enables your team to embody the mindsets and beliefs for success, while adopting the narratives and stories that will change the meaning of the challenges they experience. They’ll have the tools to remain comfortable in the face of discomfort, equipping your organization to turn disadvantages into advantages, and your obstacles into opportunities.

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Happiness Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who can inspire and show how to be happy regardless of circumstances? A keynote speaker who lives a happier and more successful life after going blind at 21-years-old? Being happy is often seen as the end goal of success. But what if being happy was the key to achieving success? Many schools, organizations and companies follow a familiar and oft used formula: if someone works harder, they will be more successful, and this then, will lead to them being happy. The problem with this approach is that it places happiness outside of the individual, and subject to circumstances that can’t always be controlled.

What if we could be happy regardless of our circumstances? What if, instead of looking outwardly for happiness, we looked inwardly? With so many factors in life, it’s not possible that things will always go our way, so why would we leave something as pivotal as our happiness so precariously subject to life’s random whims?

With the lessons I’ve learned from going blind, I decided to become a keynote speaker and share my tried and tested strategies for leading a fuller, happier life.

The Power of Choice

The way we respond to our environment is a choice. The power lies in our ability to choose. None of us control all of our circumstances, but we all control how we respond.

I learned these lessons after going blind while attending university. I couldn’t control my loss of eyesight, but I could control how I saw my new reality. I like to think of it like a game of cards. No player controls the cards they’re dealt, but each player controls how they play each one.

I was first inspired to consider my own mental approach after reading an earthshattering book written by a psychologist who suffered for three years during World War II in a Nazi concentration camp.

Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”

Dr. Viktor Frankl (1905 - 1997) found that people who survived the unimaginable atrocities of the Nazi prison camps were those who could find meaning in everyday events, including and especially the suffering. Suffering is an inevitable part of life, and those who could find deeper meaning in it were able to avoid the apathy and bitterness that cause others to spiral.

Frankl developed logotherapy, a form of psychotherapy, as a result of his experience in the concentration camps. It operates on the premise that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose – logotherapy is the pursuit of that life purpose. We all need a purpose that’s bigger than us, and when we find it, we can summon our inner strength and determination to step through fears, endure suffering, and reach our full potential as well as our life’s meaning.

Happiness Leads to Success

I’ve seen from my own life that when we choose happiness, success ultimately follows and now there’s even research that bears this out. Recent research into happiness shows that happier employees have higher productivity, better sales, and greater levels of creativity.

In my keynote programs, I offer my own personal anecdotes and explore the science behind the simple sayings that happiness leads to success. And how the latest positive psychology and neuroscience research can be applied to achieve greater productivity, sales, and creativity.

In fact, your optimism, social support network, and capacity to handle energy and stress in a positive way are far more important than your intelligence in determining your outcomes in life.

Keynote Program Highlights

Chad discusses positive psychology, how much we can alter our lives, and the many benefits of adopting a “happiness mindset”. This insightful and entertaining message is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn how to apply the research and principles of happiness to their own life. Happiness isn’t just a state of mind - it’s the key to a successful life.

Happiness is a habit, and like any habit, it can be learned. Happy people don’t have to wake up in the morning and remind themselves to be happy. It’s a habit developed through practice. Let Chad share his research into happiness and its application with your team.  Happiness really is the key to success.

Key takeaways include:

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What is a Great Keynote Speaker?

An uplifting keynote speaker doesn’t just inspire - they open hearts and minds to a new perspective, allowing them to color outside the lines and change their perspective. If you’re ready to shake up the status quo and inspire your audience to take action based on new learnings, look for a keynote speaker with powerful storytelling, entertaining delivery, and differentiated content. This ensures audience members hang on every word while being entertained and moved by an experience they’ll never forget. If this sounds like the kind of keynote speaker you’re interested in for your next event, read below to see how Chad E. Foster can help.

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Chad E. Foster’s Keynote Programs

Impactful Storytelling. Powerful storytelling that creates unforgettable experiences while keeping your audience members engaged throughout the entire keynote program.

Entertaining Delivery. It’s as much about entertaining and engaging your audience as it is about educating them. What good is great content if noone is listening? Chad will elicit laughs, inspire with deep knowledge, and motivate attendees beyond the keynote program to take action.

Differentiated Content. Chad will demonstrate concepts, language, and methods that are simple and easy to apply. And, they can absolutely transform individuals to generate a quick positive culture shift within your company.

Accessible and Based on Experience and Science. Chad has spent years understanding the characteristics of human behavior that powered him forward in the face of overwhelming obstacles, which are simple and easy to apply – so anyone can start using them right away. Although the content aligns with the science of human behavior, It won’t feel like a science lesson because everything is explained in everyday terms and without the use of complicated technical jargon.

Chad’s keynote programs are motivating and informative, leaving his audiences wanting more. If you’re looking for an inspiring keynote speaker who can create a high-impact experience for your organization, contact Chad today.

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If you don’t feel like you’re reaching the levels of happiness that you see others enjoy, or your goals seem out of reach, you’re not alone. Life is too short for regrets. Learn how to use your mindset to reach your most daring dreams. Chad’s stories and lessons will inspire, empower, and prepare you to face uncertainty with hope and optimism. Want to be mentally tough, strong, resilient and prepared to adapt and thrive in changing circumstances? Self-confident to become your best you? It’s time to break free from the self-destructive thoughts that hold you back.

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