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Chad E. Foster
High-Impact Keynote Speaker

As a successful corporate executive, international motivational speaker, and the author of Blind Ambition™, Chad uses his gift of going blind to teach and inspire us to thrive with change, create a more resilient leadership culture, and invite diversity to drive business innovation.

  • Harvard-educated Executive Dealmaker, Billion$ Generator, Job Creator
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  • Change-Disruption-Mindset-Transformation

Are you ready to use adversity to your advantage, and take control of the happiness and success in your life?

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“In Blind Ambition, Chad Foster demonstrates how we can transform our misfortunes into growth opportunities. Chad is a courageous authentic leader who went from victim to visionary, turning his blindness from a disability into an ability to help others overcome their blind spots. Inspiring and deeply personal, this book can transform your life.”

Bill George

Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, Former Chair & CEO, Medtronic, Author of Discover Your True North

“Chad’s story is about persistence, strength, and tenacity. For every challenge put in his way, he has found an ingenious and liberating way to overcome it. I witnessed his winning capability firsthand at Red Hat and I’m so glad he is now sharing the lessons he has learned with the world. This is a must read for anyone looking for the motivation to persist in business and life.”

Jim Whitehurst

President, IBM and former CEO, Red Hat

“People with disabilities want the privilege to succeed or fail based on their merits, and Chad’s powerful story demonstrates that success is indeed possible, even when faced with a significant disability—offering employers a way to tap into an underutilized talent pool.”

The Honorable Tony Coelho

Former U.S. Congressman, chief-sponsor and author of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

“Blind Ambition shows us how to build resilience, adapt, and even thrive in the face of adversity. Attitude is everything and Chad's ability to believe that significant life obstacles can propel us to a better version of ourselves is a powerful lesson to us all. I worked closely with Chad for several years and he inspires, excites, and empowers people to embark on their own adventures.”

Joe Readyhough

President and CEO, Qbase

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Happiness is not a feeling, happiness is not an emotion, happiness is a decision that each of us make every single day when we wake up.

Chad E. Foster


With speaking invites from London to Beijing, and the Atlanta Opera crafting his journey for the stage, Chad inspires people to overcome their own blind spots.

Chad E. Foster Timeline

Lost Eyesight

Lost eyesight and forced to switch college major due to blindness.

First Dog

Received first guide dog.

Dean's List

Relearned how to learn without sight and made the Dean’s List.

Graduated College

Graduated with straight-A's in College of Business Administration.


Promoted to lead multibillion dollar commercial outsourcing deals in record time.

Software Developed

Developed software thought impossible by Oracle.

New Position

Hired to work on multibillion dollar sales strategy.

New Position

Hired to spearhead most strategic and complex deals.


Promoted from Senior Pricing Analyst to Senior Director while capturing over $45 billion in contracts with industry leading growth and best-in-class margins despite tightening market conditions.

Graduated Harvard

First blind person to graduate from Harvard Business School Executive Education leadership program.


Voted as graduating speaker for Harvard Business School Executive Education leadership program.

Career Milestone

Led a team that landed largest (9-figure) deal in company history.

Career Milestone

Led a team that redesigned the company's pricing/discounting framework, improving operational efficiency by ~57% while increasing customer satisfaction.

Career Milestone

Tapped to serve as VP in charge of 200-person organization responsible for closing the integration with IBM - a $34 billion purchase that was the largest of its kind.

Published Book

HarperCollins Leadership published Chad's first book - Blind Ambition.

Published Book

Co-authored a book with Les Brown - Ignite the Hunger in You

Life without obstacles removes opportunity for growth.

Chad E. Foster

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Blind Ambition™

If you don’t feel like you’re reaching the levels of happiness that you see others enjoy, or your goals seem out of reach, you’re not alone. Life is too short for regrets. Learn how to use your mindset to reach your most daring dreams. Chad’s stories and lessons will inspire, empower, and prepare you to face uncertainty with hope and optimism. Want to be mentally tough, strong, resilient and prepared to adapt and thrive in changing circumstances? Self-confident to become your best you? It’s time to break free from the self-destructive thoughts that hold you back.

Ready To Turn Your Biggest Obstacle Into Your Biggest Advantage? The stories we tell ourselves either limit us or propel us towards our goals.