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The Taller the Mountain, the Better the View

Chad E. Foster

November 7, 2020

Have you ever been in a hotel and wanted to work out, but found it too cumbersome to make it to the hotel gym?

Have you ever been in a hotel and wanted to work out, but found it too cumbersome to make it to the hotel gym? To go further, what if that hotel is in a foreign country where they don’t speak your language? Now, what if you had to figure all of that out without being able to see where you’re going? Would you still make it to the gym? Would you still work out?

The answers to these questions determine just how much you want that morning exercise. While not everyone deals with being blind, we all face obstacles in pursuit of our goals. And although not every goal is exercise oriented, every objective we strive for will require repeated effort, determination, and discipline to get there.

Whatever your goal is, be it exercise, a promotion, a or career change, you’ll need discipline. This is a reflection of how badly you want something. If you want it badly enough, you’ll let nothing stand in your way.

Our willingness to tolerate our current status quo determines how much motivation we have to change it. If your situation is somewhat tolerable, then you’ll likely not do much to change it. But, if you’re absolutely disgusted by your current conditions, you’ll find the energy and effort to change it.

It’s hard work. It’s not always fun. But, reaching our goals with all of that determination and discipline is phenomenally rewarding. How much pride can we take if we had our goals handed to us on a silver platter? Contrast that with spending hours grinding in pursuit of your dreams. When you finally reach your goal(s), nothing feels better—partly because of all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into it.

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