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The Key to Resilience is…

Chad E. Foster

October 27, 2020

Life is full of surprises. Who could’ve predicted how 2020 unfolded? Read more to see how to be resilient.

Life is full of surprises. Who could’ve predicted how 2020 unfolded? None of us control every part of our circumstances, but we can all identify what’s inside our sphere of influence and what is outside our sphere.

Those factors outside our sphere of influence—the things we can never change—are things we’ll have to move towards acceptance, and the best way to move towards acceptance is to envision what greatness looks like including these unchangeable facts.

With an inspiring vision of what great looks like, inclusive of our facts, we can start to plan what we need to do in order to affect the things inside our sphere of influence. This includes planning, strategizing, and taking action.

Life rewards action. Inspiring visions without action are just dreams. We’re not here to dream. We’re here to achieve our vision. And that requires a vision that’s grounded in reality, but bold enough to inspire us to the actions and habits we’ll need to succeed.

What is your vision for yourself? And, just as importantly, what actions and habits will you start in pursuit of that vision? How will you know when you’re successful? How will you know when you’re off track?

Holding yourself accountable is key. None of us are responsible for all of our circumstances, but we’re all accountable for our life and its outcomes. It’s my life, so I have to own it. It’s your life, so you have to own it.

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