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Chad E. Foster — Successful Executive & Speaker

Blind Ambition

Circumstances Are Far Less Relevant Than the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Could anyone in your organization benefit from creating a resilient mindset? Do you find it's sometimes challenging adapting to change? In this entertaining and powerful keynote, Chad shares the critical insights that have enabled him to think differently after losing his eyesight in his late teens. As a successful business executive for a multibillion dollar company, Chad combines business success with real-world experiences to deliver his high-impact program(s) to audiences using his trademark humor and matter-of-fact style.
His extraordinary story of overcoming adversity and achieving a high level of business success is sure to leave your audience energized, and eager to apply Chad's tools to overcome their own obstacles.

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Chad will provide your audience with a framework for thinking that will enable them to:

In addition to the keynote presentation, Chad can lead a workshop that focuses your team on the mindsets, behaviors, and leadership culture that drives business outcomes.

Chad also offers a keynote with the following focus areas.

Change Management

The dizzying pace of change in today’s marketplace leaves many business people feeling like they are unable to keep up. What is getting in their way? In short, our perspective can often prevent us from dealing with, driving, and even thriving in the changing landscape.
Chad has dealt with change on a scale unseen by most. After losing his eyesight in his teens, he was forced to embrace a lifestyle that was very different from what he had known. Not only did he embrace the significant change, he is happier and more successful now than ever before. He routinely applies his change management techniques in the business world to continually evolve and succeed regardless of the circumstances. Ask about this program to find out the secrets that allowed him to thrive despite the very challenging changes in his life.

Customer Service

What is more important to our business than our customers? Customers are the bedrock for commerce. After all, our customers are writing the checks that pay our bills. Chad brings his experience and understanding of customer service to help the audience focus intensely on customers, leading to better business outcomes. Inquire about this program today to equip your team with a customer-first mindset.

Diversity and Inclusion

Chad was born as part of a majority. He later lost his eyesight in his teens and became a minority. His unique vantage point of both worlds afford him unique insights about diversity in the workplace. He has personally navigated bias in the workplace, both conscious and unconscious, while inspiring confidence and excellence from those around him.
His practical understanding of people’s natural curiosity and lack of information about diverse groups of people, coupled with his own curiosity of how he was going to succeed in the workplace provide an exceptionally uncommon viewpoint of many issues faced in the workplace. He will equip your audience to think about the value of diversity in the workplace in a new way, and bring awareness to the value of diversity – both to the individual(s) as well as the organization. Inquire about this program to learn how you can unlock the value of diversity awareness and inclusion in your workplace.


Never has leadership been more important than today. Traditional businesses are being revolutionized and facing new competitive threats, innovations, and disruptions. The companies that survive and thrive in the new digital economy are those with superb leadership. After all, your next big idea has a limited shelf life.
How do you create a framework for thriving amid these constant threats? In short, it’s all about your leadership culture, which is anchored to the mindsets and behaviors of your leaders. Find out more about this program and related workshop to connect your leadership culture to better business outcomes.


Could your teams use some inspiration to meet their challenging sales quotas? In the world of sales, excuses are truly for losers. Either your sales team finds a way to hit their numbers or they do not –even good reasons will not change the outcome and reaction from Wall Street.
Chad’s results with sales strategy demonstrate that his personal belief system leads to real-world business outcomes. In this program Chad will help the audience develop accountability for their outcomes, while inspiring them to reach far beyond what they thought possible! Inquire about this program to ensure your sales teams are energized and equipped to outpace their objectives.

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