By or About Chad E. Foster

Seeing Beyond Circumstances: A Lesson in Vision

Night vision I never really had. By my late teens, I’d gone completely blind, even in broad daylight. Sightless, I lived for a time from a vantage point of victimhood—until developing a different vision.

Chad E. Foster

Business Alum Overcomes Blinding Disease: Receives Accomplished Alumni Award

While Chad E. Foster was at UT, a rare genetic eye disease stole his sight, but not his ambition. He received his business degree in 2000. Now, with the help of computer screen-reading software that Foster programmed himself, he is breaking glass ceilings in the field of information technology.

Tennessee Today

Chad E. Foster: Seeing With His Heart

In the stillness of the night, faint stars from a child’s nightlight reflect on the bedroom ceiling and on the faces of plush animals and dolls neatly lined on wall shelves.

University of Tennessee